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Workers' Comp Settlement

Obtained settlement in workers' compensation case for $650,000.00 after proving that injured worker developed Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (formerly known as RSD) as a result of the work injury and that it resulted in total disability.
Settled construction accident third party claim
Settled claim against general contractor for injury sustained by client who was working for a subcontractor.  Client received workers' comp benefits from insurer for subcontractor and additional compensation for pain and suffering from insurer for general contractor.
Won Decisions for "Odd Lot" Total Disability
Won two decisions awarding total disability benefits to clients with injuries that are only physically partially disabling by proving that their physical restrictions combined with their educational backgrounds and work history cause them to be unable to obtain and perform any type of work.
Attorney Levine named Editor of Workers' Compensation Manual
Gary Levine was named Editor of A Practical Guide to Workers' Compensation and Social Security Disability Benefits in Rhode Island to be published by MCLE as a practice manual for attorneys.
Decision for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Won decision awarding workers' comp benefits for client who suffered post-traumatic stress disorder after witnessing armed robbery at work.
Obtained approval of vocational rehabilitation program
Obtained court order granting request for vocational rehabilitation program to provide retraining in construction and project management.
Won Decision Proving Injury To Be Work Related
Won Workers' Compensation Court decision for benefits proving that injury caused by needle when giving blood during company sponsored blood drive was a compensable work related injury.
Workers' Comp Settlement of $1Million
Obtained settlement in workers’ compensation case for monthly and yearly payments to client for life with expected payout of $1,000,000.00.
Insurance Co. to Pay for Hip Replacement
Won decision from Workers’ Compensation Court finding that pre-existing non-work related arthritis and necrosis of the hip was aggravated by work activities and ordered the insurance company to pay for total hip replacement surgery.
Slip & Fall Lawsuit Filed
Lawsuit filed against property owner for failure to inspect and maintain porch railing that collapsed causing client to fall and sustain spinal fractures.
$1.2 Million Workers' Comp Settlement
Secured settlement in workers’ compensation case that includes cash and monthly and yearly payments to client for life with an expected payout of over $1.2 million.
Won Decision for Work Related Asthma
Won decision from Workers’ Compensation Court for aggravation of pre-existing asthma from inhalation of fumes in the workplace causing client to become disabled.
Workers’ Comp Settlement for Lifetime Income
Obtained settlement on behalf of widow of injured worker who was killed in work related injury that will provide client with lifetime income with a payout of $450,000.00.
Won Decision for Total Disability
Won decision from Workers’ Compensation Court finding total disability for back strain superimposed upon pre-existing disabilities from obesity and degenerative disc disease.
Construction Accident Lawsuit Filed
Construction accident lawsuit filed against general contractor on behalf of client who suffered permanent loss of use of arm due to improper method of erecting steel by his employer.
Lawsuit Filed Against General Contractor
Construction accident lawsuit filed against general contractor on behalf of client who worked for sub-contractor and tripped on construction debris left behind by another sub-contractor causing knee injury requiring total knee replacement.